Deepen your knowledge with our workshops to discover new technologies, learn more about the path of artists and their experiences in the contemporary art world.

WORKSHOP | Touchdesigner 6 — by Davide Santini
WORKSHOP | Touchdesigner 5 / Generative Art and Audiovisual Performances — by Davide Santini
WORKSHOP | Touchdesigner 4 / Computer Vision & Machine Learning — by Davide Santini
WORKSHOP | Motion graphics – by
WORKSHOP | Exhibit Design ll — by Andrea Isola
WORKSHOP | Art Meditation by Olga Siracheva / with the artworks of Megan Stancanelli
WORKSHOP | Viral Art – Paolo Cirio
WORKSHOP | Touchdesigner 3 — by Davide Santini
WORKSHOP | Touchdesigner 2 — by Davide Santini
WORKSHOP | Exhibit Design — by Andrea Isola
WORKSHOP | Touch Designer — by Davide Santini
MASTERCLASS | Home Cinema: TV or Projector?
Karol Sudolski
WORKSHOP | Karol Sudolski


Discover our short interviews and documentaries shot between Europe, United States and Middle East to understand the contemporary art system between fairs, collecting and criticism.

Marco Gastini
Ugo La Pietra
Pedro Cabrita Reis
Achille Bonito Oliva
Delfim Sardo
Julião Sarmento


We collaborate with international institutions and organizations with the aim of disseminating and promoting artists through talks, screenings and special events dedicated to our members.

OPEN CALL | Premio Recontemporary
OPEN CALL | Glitch Lab
RECORPORE ll | Pilates and yoga at REC with Corpore Clinica Dinamica
EVENT | Spazio Portici / Where the words end
TALK | Paint it Black + Rec
EVENT | Presentation of the book Oikeiôsis by Mara Palena – Witty Books
REC BIRTHDAY 🎈| Tutto scorre
RECORPORE | Pilates and yoga at REC with Corpore Clinica Dinamica
COCKTAIL WITH THE ARTIST | Valentina Furian presents Lucignolo
TALK | Rebecca Salvadori, Felice Moramarco and Carlotta Magistris
EVENT | Recontemporary X Recall
EVENT | Luce Berta — Daydream
EVENT | Place des Lices at Recontemporary
GLITCH AR exhibition — Biella
TALK | Digital art is crime, digital crime is art — Nicolò Bussolati, Paolo Cirio
ANTROPO – AMORFO by Corgiat and Akasha
ART IS CALLING DAO: Towards a new world
PANEL | Francesco D’Abbraccio and Karol Sudolski: Distrust Everything
Sezione Tascabili
TALK | A study on behaviour – Mara Palena, Micaela Flenda, NonSeiLiberə*
TALK | Films and works 2008/2019 – Flatform