WORKSHOP | Viral Art – Paolo Cirio

The Phair - Torino Esposizioni

6 May — 7 May 2023

Saturday 6 May / 2.30 – 5.30 pm
Sunday 7 May
/ 3 – 5 pm
Free entry
@The Phair – Torino Esposizioni
Corso Massimo d’Azeglio 17, 10126 Turin TO


The workshop is organized in collaboration with The Phair and OGR Torino and will be held over two days in the spaces of The Phair – Torino Esposizioni.

Recontemporary presents, on the occasion of The Phair photography fair, the workshop Viral Art, curated by the hacktivist artist Paolo Cirio.

The laboratory investigates the power of images and the media’s ability to make them go viral – expanding the target audience and possible interpretations. Taking advantage of the use of artificial intelligence, it will be possible to create your own image: how truthful does it have to be to attract public attention?

Viruses circulate in the media, infecting our understandings and infecting our perceptions. Viral media pandemics proliferate among the masses influencing desires, relationships and society.

However viruses can also bring benefits, such as strengthening our immune system by disinfecting and examining viruses to prevent epidemics and create vaccines. Information and communication in the media infect us and make us stronger if we know how to protect ourselves and use these viruses.

Paolo Cirio’s workshop offers theory and practice of viral artistic actions for mass and social media audience engagement. With a first theory session, the workshop will focus on creating a viral campaign in the public space and online.

Tools needed:
Laptops and smartphones

No requirements needed

Author biography

Paolo Cirio is an artist, theorist, and activist. He deals with media, economic, and legal systems of the information society. His works integrate inquiries and mobilizations through photos, installations, videos and public art. Cirio has exhibited in international museums and won prestigious awards. Cirio’s projects have been reported by hundreds of media outlets and he regularly lectures and workshops at universities around the world.