WORKSHOP | Touchdesigner 6 — by Davide Santini

Recontemporary / Salotto

27 April — 28 April 2024

27th e 28th April h. 10am – 5pm
in presence
Level: intermediate
Language: Italian
Number of participants: min 7, max 15
Cost for one day: 80€

Cost for two days: 150€


The workshop will be divided into two interconnected days. It is strongly recommended to participate in both days.

The topics mentioned will start from basics but require a certain familiarity with TouchDesigner in general.

Day 1 (April 27th)
– Managing rotations, colors, static textures, and animated textures;
– Optimizing instancing with TOPs;
– Pointcloud: creation, capture, and animation.
– Capturing and managing point clouds in real-time;
– Body tracking and interactivity;
– Blob tracking with depth cameras.

Day 2 (April 28th)
– Managing output across multiple projectors;
– 2D video mapping;
– Video mapping on 3D surfaces.
– Creating a previsualization setup with 3D models of environments, simulation of screens, projectors, and lights.

Author biography

Davide Santini – Deltacut
Art developer and an expert of TouchDesigner.
His scientific background and his attention to the art world guarantee him an interactive approach to the conception and development of interactive systems and technical infrastructures. Teacher, writer, and manual translator, he collaborates with many artists and developers worldwide, and he is at the center of the European scene of TouchDesigner, the main software development platform for every new media artist.