WORKSHOP | Touchdesigner 5 / Generative Art and Audiovisual Performances — by Davide Santini

Recontemporary / Lounge

6 January — 7 January 2024

6 e 7 January h. 10am – 5pm

Workshop open to everyone, maximum of 6 participants
Cost for one day: 75€

Cost for two days: 135€
Form: in presence
Level: beginner
Language: Italian

For more information and registration, please contact us at

6 January h. 10am – 5pm
– Explanation of the user interface;
– the families of Operators;
– where to find help;
– TOPs: movies, images, ramps, patterns, live input, compositing and effects;
– output and projection;
– make audio content responsive;
– mouse input;
– input from sensors: LeapMotion and Kinect Azure;
– widgets and components to build user interfaces

7 January h. 10am – 5pm
– 3D: rendering, modeling and deformation, lights and shadows, materials, textures;
– Particle systems on CPU;
– Instancing techniques;
– Particle systems on GPU;
– Case studies.

The workshop will be divided into two interconnected days. Attendance on both days is strongly recommended.
A minimum familiarity with TouchDesigner is required, but the specific concepts will be covered from the basics.

Author biography

Art developer ed un esperto di TouchDesigner.
La sua formazione scientifica e la sua attenzione al mondo dell’arte gli garantiscono un approccio interattivo all’ideazione e allo sviluppo di sistemi interattivi e infrastrutture tecniche. Insegnante, scrittore e traduttore di manuali, collabora con molti artisti e sviluppatori in tutto il mondo, ed è al centro della scena europea di TouchDesigner, la piattaforma di sviluppo software principale per ogni new media artist.