WORKSHOP | Touchdesigner 4 / Computer Vision & Machine Learning — by Davide Santini


21 November — 30 November 2023


November 21st, 23rd, and 30th, from 7:30 to 9:30 PM
Workshop open to everyone, maximum of 12 participants
Cost for all three days: €90
Format: online
Level: intermediate
Language: Italian

November 21st, 7:30 – 9:30 PM
– Introduction to OpenCV
– Installation and setup of necessary tools
– Image processing with OpenCV

November 23rd, 7:30 – 9:30 PM
– How to use external scripts and communicate with TouchDesigner
– Overview of machine learning techniques and their applications in TouchDesigner
– Using pre-trained machine learning models in TouchDesigner

November 30th, 7:30 – 9:30 PM
– Introduction to artificial intelligence and deep learning concepts
– Integrating Chat-GPT into TouchDesigner
– Creating interactive systems based on artificial intelligence in TouchDesigner

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During the course, students will learn how to harness the powerful capabilities of OpenCV for image processing, apply machine learning techniques to detect and recognize objects, and leverage artificial intelligence to create advanced interactive systems, all within the intuitive environment of TouchDesigner.
The workshop is divided into three two-hour sessions. It is highly recommended to participate in all the sessions. Recordings of the lessons will be provided to all participants, along with various project files.
Intermediate-level experience is required: no specific knowledge of Python or Machine Learning is necessary, but some familiarity with TouchDesigner is assumed.
TouchDesigner is a software for interactive graphics development and the creation of audiovisual experiences. It is a powerful and flexible tool that allows for the creation of a wide range of projects, from generating digital art to real-time multimedia interaction.
Through the use of operators and scripts, it is possible to create animations, real-time graphics, interactivity, and much more. TouchDesigner also supports input and output of data from external sensors, MIDI devices, and OSC (Open Sound Control), enabling users to create engaging interactive experiences.
TouchDesigner finds applications in various fields, including digital art, audiovisual performances, interactive installations, video mapping, data visualization, and more. Its flexibility and versatility make it a tool of choice for artists, designers, developers, and multidisciplinary creators who want to explore and experiment with interactive graphics and audiovisuals.
Its high flexibility allows us to turn it into the perfect framework for managing artificial intelligence and machine learning scripts, serving as a bridge between the user, the algorithms, and the final output: an intuitive environment, a wide range of integrated or external machine learning libraries, and great flexibility for creating complex real-time audiovisual interactions will provide us with the extreme freedom to customize and achieve the desired results!

Author biography

Davide Santini, aka Deltacut, is an art developer and a TouchDesigner expert. His important scientific instruction and his attention to the world of art guarantee him an innovative approach to the conception and development of interactive systems and technical infrastructures. Teacher, writer and translator of manuals, he collaborates with many artists and developers around the world, and is at the center of the European scene of TouchDesigner, the main software development platform for any new media artist. Based in Munich but with roots in Milan, he teaches and develops projects all over the world, boasting important experiences with brands, universities and museums.