WORKSHOP | Touchdesigner 3 — by Davide Santini

Recontemporary / Lounge

6 January — 7 January 2023

6 and 7 January h. 10 am – 5 pm
Workshop open to everyone, max 15 participants
Cost for one day: 75€
Cost for two days: 120€
Tipology: live workshop
Level: beginner
Language: Italian

6 January h. 10 am – 5 pm
– Focus on Kinect sensor
7 January h. 10 am – 5 pm
– Focus on Arduino on Touchdesigner

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The workshop will be divided into two days. You can attend one or both meetings. The level of experience required is beginner: a minimum of familiarity with TouchDesigner is required, but the specific concepts will be resumed from the basics.
The focus of the first meeting will be on the use of the Kinect sensor. This infrared depth camera is one of the most used and supported sensors in the interactive installation sector. We will deepen its use in relation to tracking movements, detecting depth, and creating point clouds. The second meeting will focus on the integration of Arduino with TouchDesigner. We will establish two-way communication channels between our computer and the Arduino board, and we will give life to various projects; among these: the integration of various sensors, the control and animation of lights, the use of servomotors, and finally the construction of a lie detector.

Author biography

Davide Santini, aka Deltacut, is an art developer and a TouchDesigner expert. His important scientific instruction and his attention to the world of art guarantee him an innovative approach to the conception and development of interactive systems and technical infrastructures. Teacher, writer and translator of manuals, he collaborates with many artists and developers around the world, and is at the center of the European scene of TouchDesigner, the main software development platform for any new media artist. Based in Munich but with roots in Milan, he teaches and develops projects all over the world, boasting important experiences with brands, universities and museums.