WORKSHOP | Touchdesigner 2 — by Davide Santini

Workshop Online

15 November — 24 November 2022

Program ↴
November 15 h. 19.30 – 21.30
– Introduction and overview;
– We structure the Network of our project
November 17 h. 19.30 – 21.30
– We build and connect the control interface
November 24 h. 19.30 – 21.30
– Let’s complete the project
– We optimize for live

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The workshop, taken by Davide Santini, focuses on the creation of a VJ setup, designed for live visual performance situations accompanied by music.
The main focus of the meetings is the management of generative and interactive content and patches, together with the construction in a comfortable interface and optimization of the software, as well as the management of inputs and outputs. The patching part of audio-reactive and interactive content is limited.

Author biography

Davide Santini, aka Deltacut, is an art developer and a TouchDesigner expert. His important training
science and his attention to the world of art guarantee him an innovative approach to the conception and development of interactive systems and technical infrastructures. Teacher, writer and translator of manuals, he collaborates with many artists and developers around the world, and is at the center of the European scene of TouchDesigner, the main software development platform for any new media artist. Based in Munich but with roots in Milan, he teaches and develops projects all over the world, boasting important experiences with brands, universities and museums.