WORKSHOP | Touch Designer — by Davide Santini

Recontemporary / Salotto

28 May — 29 May 2022

Saturday 28 and Sunday 29 May 2022 | h. 10 – 17

Intermediate level
Language: Italian
Maximum number of participants: 10 in presence / 6 online
Cost: €120 in attendance / €100 online
Payment by bank transfer: IT07Z0303201001010000175704
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or in cash at the Recontemporary office
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Recontemporary presents a two-day workshop curated by Davide Santini (Deltacut), focused on the unlimited potential of TouchDesigner, software for real-time creativity and experimentation for live and interactive performances.
In the total 12 hours, numerous topics related to an intermediate use of TouchDesigner will be addressed, of which at least a basic knowledge is therefore required.
It will be necessary to have a computer, it is recommended to download and install the software before the start of the lessons (free download at this link). The course will be held in Italian.

Saturday May 28 — 6 hours

Advanced Instancing:
– Let’s analyze a typical instancing setup;
– We implement texture instancing;
– We create complex setups using animated textures.
Let’s use TOPs to improve instancing:
– What are the pixel formats;
– GPU operations with Math TOP;
– The world of Point clouds.
3D Render Setup:
– The different types of render;
– Render passes in real-time;
– Lights and shadows;
– We learn to manage the cameras;
– Advanced materials (PBR!) and textures.

Sunday May 29 — 6 hours
Video post-production:
– We integrate the SSAO;
– Advanced color correction;
– We recreate blurs and depth of field;
– We export in the most suitable way.
Let’s check the lights:
– With Arduino;
– With DMX/Artnet.
Atypical controllers:
– Joysticks;
– Smartphones;
– Face tracking.

The program of the days may undergo variations to accommodate requests and follow the times of members.

Author biography

Davide Santini, aka Deltacut, is an art developer and a TouchDesigner expert. His important training
science and his attention to the world of art guarantee him an innovative approach to the conception and development of interactive systems and technical infrastructures. Teacher, writer and translator of manuals, he collaborates with many artists and developers around the world, and is at the center of the European scene of TouchDesigner, the main software development platform for any new media artist. Based in Munich but with roots in Milan, he teaches and develops projects all over the world, boasting important experiences with brands, universities and museums.