WORKSHOP | Performing Arts & Accessibilità — Diana Anselmo

Recontemporary / Salotto

1 April 2023

1.April 2023
h. 10.30 am – 5.30pm

Dismantle the skillful and stainless body.
The workshop by Al.Di.Qua. (with Diana Anselmo) sets out to dismantle, with all the pestiferous and necessary care, the myth of the able and stainless body. And to do so starting from a theoretical insight into the issues of stigma and how social interactions change when there is the presence of an element considered to be of discredit – then arriving at the second part, more practical and more toolkit, which will concern the meaning of cultural accessibility and how to try to achieve it. Speaking not so of margins, but of new pieces of the horizon.

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Author biography

“Al.Di.Qua.Artists”, acronym of the longer ALternative DIsability QUAlity Artists, is the first association in Europe of and for artists* and workers* of the show business with disabilities.
Born during the 2020 lockdown, it acts with the aim of positioning itself for the autonomy and rights of artists* with disabilities, at the same time aiming to transform the way our bodies and lives are shown in the mainstream media and in the collective imagination. We want to infect the Al Di Là with a capillary force, build new spaces of possibility, re-read the mechanisms of participation, become a voice in the heart of the contemporary debate so that our body is not the first and last thing that is said about us.