WORKSHOP | Motion graphics – by

Recontemporary / Lounge

11 November 2023

11 November, 2 – 7 pm
Cost: 75€
Format: in person (at Rec: Via Gaudenzio Ferrari 12b, Turin)
Requirements: Laptop with Adobe After Effects + Basic to Advanced Animation Skills (there will be different levels of complexity for each concept)
Language: Italian

The workshop is conducted in collaboration with Illo.TV.

In this workshop, aims to pay homage to the work of Lawrence Weiner by interpreting, through motion graphics, the creative and eccentric concepts expressed in the book “Something to put / Something On”: one of the art books in which the artist poses and answers the questions that have deeply involved him from childhood to adulthood.

During the workshop, divided into two parts, 2 or 3 concepts will be selected, and participants will express their interpretation through motion design.

The first part of the workshop will be led by the Creative Director, who will present some aspects of Weiner’s work and guide participants in conceiving and creating a story based on the selected concepts.

The second part will focus on creative development, using the simple forms imagined by Weiner and the expressiveness of motion design. will guide participants in creating motion design works based on the animation of forms, with different levels of complexity based on their skills.

The results will then be collected in a collaborative animation that will be shared on’s social channels as a tribute to Lawrence Weiner.

Author biography

Founded by Ilenia Notarangelo and Luca Gonnelli in 2012, is a world-class design studio based in the beautiful city of Turin. We are a highly diverse team of 15 individuals from various nationalities and backgrounds, and we take pride in our gender-balanced composition.
Pizza, respect, and a deep love for design and technology are the things that bind us together.