WORKSHOP | Art Meditation by Olga Siracheva / with the artworks of Megan Stancanelli

Recontemporary / Lounge

29 June 2023

Workshop open to everyone, max 15 participants
Date and time:
June 29, 7 – 9 pm
Total cost:
€40 including materials
Free and free access is guaranteed for people with disabilities and their companions.

For Olga Siracheva, “the ability to think is a gift, but the ability not to think is an even greater gift”: in the frenetic pace imposed by today’s society, the workshop organized at the Recontemporary headquarters aims to exploit drawing as a tool for being present in the moment, finding time for yourself. During the meeting the participants will try to draw freely, trying to express their unconscious, elaborating their mental state.
The experience includes a small refreshment with wine.

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The workshop will take place when a minimum of 5 participants is reached.

Author biography

Olga Siracheva (Moscow, Russia, 1989) began attending drawing and painting courses in 2000.
She attended the University of Modern Art in Moscow, specializing in architecture and design. During the university period she worked in some design studios in Moscow. In 2012 she decided to continue her career in architecture, moving to Italy to study at the University of Florence, where she graduated in 2015. After moving to Turin, she began working as a manager for ambitious renovation projects carried out by the company Aurelia S.R.L. Subsequently she decides to share her knowledge by starting a drawing and painting course open to all and activates an art-therapy course, with the aim of teaching painting by going beyond the stylistic canons and shifting attention to the well-being of the person who paints.