TALK | Rebecca Salvadori, Felice Moramarco and Carlotta Magistris

Recontemporary / Lounge

26 February 2023

Opening 26 February, 3:00 pm


26 February – h. 3 pm
Free entry after booking
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On the occasion of Rebecca Salvadori’s exhibition (from 22nd February to 11th March at Recontemporary), Seeyousound International Music Film Festival, in collaboration with Recontemporary and CULTO, presents: Rebecca Salvadori in conversation with Felice Moramarco (DEMO Moving Image Experimental Politics and partner of the Centre of Research and Education in Arts and Media at London University of Westminster) and Carlotta De Magistris (i-D Italy, CULTO).

An analysis and comparison between the individual experiens and collective ritualism that revolves around techno culture.