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AR Online Workshop | DEADLINE CALL: 30th April

15 May — 3 July 2021


│Application Call → 8th – 30th April
Duration of the workshop → 15th May – 3rd July
Online lessons
│Teachers and tutors from all over the world
International traveling exhibition
Application Call cost → 15€
Enrolling cost → 400€

Recontemporary and Wild Strawberries, with the patronage of the Politecnico di Torino and of the Accademia delle Belle Arti di Torino, present GLITCH, an online training workshop for 15 young international artists and filmmakers aged between 20 and 40.

The project was born with the aim of supporting the participants in the creation of an unpublished AR artwork. The first version of Glitch is held online, thus reaching a wider user base at lower participation costs. This edition is dedicated to augmented reality. The chosen theme is therefore “The re-appropriation of sociality and its spaces through Augmented Reality“. The participants are invited to discuss and interact with various professionals in the contemporary art and digital technologies sector, who will participate in the workshop as speakers and tutors (including the director of the ‘iCinema Center in Sydney Dennis Del Favero, the artist and performer Elena Bellantoni, the curators a.titolo and many others).

The course is divided into two modules: the first of a theoretical nature, and the second of a technical nature, which involves a series of lessons aimed at training participants on the use of software for the production of an augmented reality work.

Glitch ends in autumn 2021 with a traveling group exhibition all over the world, developed through an augmented reality app created by Bepart – Public Imagination Movement. In this way, students will have an effective public recognition, thanks above all to the availability of partner institutions spread across different parts of the world.

The call for the selection of the 15 participants starts on April 7th and lasts until the 30th of the month and is scheduled by a technical jury composed of Recontemporary, Wild Strawberries, Bepart, Giulia Colletti (curator and Public Programs and Digital Sphere at Castello di Rivoli) and Stephan Stoyanov (director of the Bulgarian Art Agency project).

The workshop starts on May 15th and ends on July 3rd and is structured during the weekends to encourage the participation of students and workers, with a total of over 40 hours between lessons and tutoring.


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