REC BIRTHDAY 🎈| Tutto scorre

Recontemporary / Salotto

12 July 2023

Opening 12 July, 6:00 pm


12.07 | h. 6 – 9 pm at REC
Entry up to you
drinks by Sciarada

Recontemporary turns 4 ✨
The seasons have passed and with them exhibitions, events, workshops, talks, parties and even a pandemic but we’ve come this far: it’s time to celebrate four years of Recontemporary.

In line with our principles, always trying to foster collaborations (and new friendships), we are happy and proud to celebrate our anniversary with organizations and friends who have contributed, supported and encouraged the growth and development of our association.

On July 12th Rec hosts, in collaboration with Recall and Seeyousound International Music Film Festival, TUTTO SCORRE, a sonorization of the musical project Palindrome of the short film Venezia, to be identified, granted by the Museo Nazionale del Cinema di Torino.

Venice, early 1900s. An unidentified documentary tells the life of the city eternally divided between land and sea. From the canals to the turns on Piazza San Marco, the Grand Canal, the Rialto Bridge, the lives of the inhabitants. Everything flows.

For the soundtrack, the main elements of the composition are recorded on tape immersed in water before and after its recording. Elements as sensitive and fragile to the deterioration of water as the film to the air and to the passing of moments. The distant echoes recall the shadows of an almost erased past, the notes mark an increasingly overlying time. The water, now absorbed by the tape, dialogues with the waves of the images in a suffused white noise. Everything flows.

We want to celebrate with you too, we are waiting for you for a greeting and a drink created for the evening by Sciarada.

Partner info

Museo Nazionale del Cinema di Torino
It is a non-profit organization which, starting in 1992, became a Foundation with the aim of promoting study, research and documentation activities in the field of cinema, photography and image.
The founders and supporting members contribute to the Foundation, both those who took part in the deed of incorporation of the Foundation and those who, even subsequently, contributed in a decisive way to the establishment of the Foundation’s assets.
The Museum, which operates according to the rules of private law, includes among the founding members the City of Turin, the Piedmont Region, the Compagnia di San Paolo, the CRT Foundation, the National Cinema Museum Association and GTT.

It is a brand of electronic music and entertainment events born in Turin, Italy in 2016. It aims to create a community of artists and music enthusiasts while promoting our artistic and cultural heritage through the design of physical and digital formats , combining music and visual arts.
Music represents a way for artists and users to explore new dimensions, to express themselves and discover themselves. Never like today, in an increasingly divided society, is it important to continue to cultivate this art. Recall was born out of a desire to contribute to a greater goal, that of bringing together, embracing and empowering a generation by providing uncommon audiovisual experiences that can stimulate their creativity and imagination and ultimately enrich the lives of the participants.
The ideology behind it is not only artistic-musical: the brand wants to act, on all fronts, as a guarantee of a unique experience.

SEEYOUSOUND™ International Music Film Festival
It is the unmistakable mix of music and cinema that celebrates in 7 days of programming the union of stories and images of characters and currents, in the background or protagonists of moments or entire lives.
The selection of films is divided between feature films and documentaries, shorts and video clips in the competitive sections LongPlay Doc, LongPlay Feature, 7Inch and Soundies. The Rising Sound – Music is the weapon reviews, a glimpse of resistant music, sounding board and embodiment of the desire for freedom, and Into the Groove, a heterogeneous selection of titles crossed by a pop vein, are the flagships of the program.
The ninth edition of Seeyousound took place at the Cinema Massimo MNC in Turin from 24 February to 2 March 2023.

Author biography

It is an avant pop-electronic duo based in Italy formed by Paolo Peyron and Alessandro Maccarrone. Their first EP came out in 2018 where they started sharing the main goals of the project. In their music oppositions, texts and images are explored, where calm and tension, man and nature, love and hate coexist. Crossing genres and sounds, the organic loops of the piano flow into violent synthesizers, the vocal lines come into conflict with the cinematic atmospheres.
A hybrid between ambient, electronic pop and weightless music. Their debut album “Forever Endless” follows in the same direction. Fate, the fate of people’s lives tangled in time and space, as well as the reflection of our actions in the lives of others, are the central concept behind the album. This is reflected in the structure of the mini LP, which is divided into four instrumental tracks and four vocal tracks. The music video for “The Same Path”, the first single from their debut album, premiered on The music video for “Birds” premiered on Ptwschool.