EVENT | Recontemporary X Recall

Villa Sanquirico

25 December 2022

Opening 25 December, 10:00 pm


25.12.22 from 10 pm
@Villa Sanquirico

In a present where technology affects our daily gestures and marks the use of time, Recontemporary and Recall, in collaboration with Reasoned Art, present the works of Sebastiano Barbieri and Joe Karava.

During the event in the suggestive Villa Sanquirico in Turin it will be possible to discover the two video works, dystopian visions united by the domain of the virtual at the expense of human sensitivity. A future in which landscapes are self-generating, infinite, devoid of reference, human relationships are limited by a filter that simulates emotions. ⁣ An exploration of the new ways of dialogue between man, nature and technology through an investigation aimed at finding new future perspectives.

Anastomosis, by Stefano Barbieri, is a series of visual explorations focused on organic forms enriched by complex architectural and sculptural structures. Artificial intelligence has generated a deep journey into a surreal dimension in continuous movement and transformation.

The Kiss Machine, by Joe Karava, Drawing inspiration from the famous painting The Lovers (1928) by René Magritte, the artist presents a reflection on the theme of distance and social isolation. The work returns a dystopian vision in which any relationship with others is prevented, a not so distant future in which relationships are a symbol of danger. The artist imagines an enclosed space containing a technological tool thanks to which individuals can have sensory experiences similar to those of a physical and real contact, but still simulated.

Partner info

Recall® is a brand of electronic music and entertainment events born in Turin, Italy in 2016. It aims to create a community of artists and music enthusiasts while promoting our artistic and cultural heritage through the design of physical and digital formats , combining music and visual arts.

Reasoned Art is an Italian benefit company startup that aims to enhance and promote digital art in three ways: Curated Digital Art Gallery – selection, promotion and sale of digital artworks through the certification of NFTs; Monuverse – conservation and enhancement of cultural heritage through digital art and the Web3; Brand Collaborations: communication and promotion of brand values ​​or products through art.

Author biography

Sebastiano Barbieri
Born in 1983, Sebastiano Barbieri is an Italian artist.
Graduated in Scenography at the Free Academy of Fine Arts in Brescia, he subsequently obtained a Masters in Digital Environment Design at the New Academy of Fine Arts in Milan. His research interest mainly lies in the fields of generative design, real-time graphics and interactivity. He creates his works by designing narratives through real-time processing, using technology to generate art and algorithms to build installations, immersive spaces and interactive experiences. It takes inspiration from natural processes and patterns through a new artistic perspective using data-driven algorithms and machine learning. Since 2010 he has been working as a generative/interactive designer for agencies, artists and companies all over the world.

Joe Karava
Born in 1992, Guglielmo Rocco, aka Joe Karava, is an Italian 3D artist.
After obtaining the classical diploma, he moved to Milan where he graduated in Graphic Design and Art Direction in Naba.
Among the most important collaborations we remember the one with the photographer Harley Weir published on the physical copy of the magazine Dazed and Confused, the music videos for Anetha, Rezz, Hex Barcelona, ​​Agency666 and other artists of the electronic music scene.