EVENT | Presentation of the book Oikeiôsis by Mara Palena – Witty Books

Recontemporary / Lounge

6 December 2023

06.12 | h. 7pm at REC
Free entry
drinks by Sciarada

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We are very happy to host the presentation of Oikeiôsis by Mara Palena published by Witty Books.

Not the usual presentation but a convivial moment with screenings, chats and drinks to explore Mara Palena’s artistic practice and the work created with Witty Books.

This infinite body of photographic works is the artist’s actual body, whose cells are the poetic intuitions that
have beaten the passage of time.

“This body gives itself to the collective by welcoming the viewer in a large, shared mnemonic archive where
each image triggers a sense of empathy in the life experience.
Image after image, the artist rewrites that white sheet of paper that is at the same time life and death, love
and repulsion, fashion and disuse, reprocessing and acceptance, singularity and multitude.”
Matilde Scaramellini

Partner info

Witty Books is an independent publishing house that aims to promote contemporary photography and visual arts. Was founded in 2012 with the name of Witty Kiwi by Tommaso Parrillo.
We focus on the publication of books as an object and as a research space, working closely with artists and designers. We strongly believe in the dialogue between the different arts, so we have created the Ear/Eye project.
In addition, Witty Books project doesn’t stop at the publication of books, we focus a lot on the education of the images, discover our teaching activity.

Author biography

Mara Palena (1988) lives and works in Milan. Her research focuses on themes such as memory, remembrance and identity. The artist’s aesthetics, influenced by the field of fashion where she worked for several years, combines with an intimate and poetic vision. Using photography, video and sound, her work aims to involve the viewer in immersive experiences. By reworking archive material she seeks a link between the personal and the collective, between introspection and connection. Her work has been exhibited in various international festivals and galleries, he has been a finalist in numerous awards including: Combat prize, Fabbri prize, New Post Photography. In 2022 she was nominated by Giangavino Pazzola and Camera Torino for FUTURES Photography.