EVENT | Luce Berta — Daydream

The Secret Home - Via Carlo Alberto 40 Torino

19 December 2022

Opening 19 December, 7:00 pm


Monday 19 December, h 7 – 8 pm, Via Carlo Alberto 40 Turin


We celebrate the strength and delicacy of music together with a quartet of students from the Giuseppe Verdi Conservatory.

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Backhome: knowing how to become almost gaseous – air that moves limbs – in the space that knows us and knows how to welcome us. To return home is to return
at the nursery, touching the objects we surround ourselves with, the trinkets, which are the real emotional walls of our intimate space. Going home is memory, time, care. Going home is always a new beginning and never a defeat. Coming home is also the future and making room for one’s dreams. It is a question of entering between walls that have the shape of our innards, a space in which we bare ourselves in front of ourselves. Going home is going back to one’s bones, to the core, and there to create, rest, breathe.

The Daydream video, born during the lockdown in April 2020, was necessarily “home” in the closure due to the pandemic, but it still is. Looking back at it after some time makes me reflect on the importance of reverie: the first movement in the creation of a nest, of beauty, of a vital space that starts from our imagination and projects itself outwards.

Exhibited art pieces

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The Secret Home was born in a Turin attic. At the end of 2015 he broadened his horizons by moving to one of the most renowned streets for Design, Via Carlo Alberto. The concept always remains the same, a creative and welcoming space like your own home, where original ideas are born and come to life that have the harmony of BEAUTY as their common denominator. The Secret Home is a laboratory and showroom of art, design and decor in via Carlo Alberto 40 changes its look with Il Salotto Creative, curated by the designer Giorgia Mirabella.

Author biography

Luce Berta was born in Rivarolo Canavese and was passionate about figurative art from an early age. He has exhibited on various occasions in the province of Turin. In recent years he has been studying in the field of comparative arts with an interest in the relationship between words and images. His art questions the limits of human expression, the unspeakable and the incommunicable.