ART IS CALLING DAO: Towards a new world

1 April — 10 May 2022

Sustainability, inclusion, decentralization.


Stefano Pisci, Tokenance Chief Artistic Officer in collaboration with, Iole Pellion di Persano, Founder and director of Recontemporary, are collaborating on the creation of the collection of works #NFT: The CEO Factor – Humans of Tomorrow.

The goal is to use the new decentralized technologies to achieve a result in terms of sustainability and social and economic inclusiveness, coming to the aid of selected emerging artists from all over the world and dedicating a substantial part of the proceeds to Medici Senza Frontiere programs. sale of the works.

The ‘The CEO Factor’ collection will be available exclusively on, the marketplace of works of art and digital assets created by

THEME →CEO-Factor‘, is a book published by IlSole24Ore entirely dedicated to the leadership of the future, written by Pierangelo Soldavini and Frank Pagano.
Tokenance and Recontemporary have chosen to curate this collection based on the value the project can bring to both artists and CEOs of the future. We firmly believe that collaboration is the key to success and that art can help better understand where visions come from, both through beauty and a simple but effective conversation across platforms and different discourses.

HOW TO PARTICIPATE → Send for free to with the subject “NFT CALL” your work with explanation and a short biography by 10 May 2022.

For information and updates, follow the IG profile of @Rec and, for everything else download the document below.

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