ANTROPO – AMORFO by Corgiat and Akasha

ARTiglieria - Con/temporary Art Center

5 May — 29 May 2022

Opening 5 May, 7:00 pm


5.May h.7 pm

at ARTiglieria – Con/temporary Art Center
Piazzetta Accademia Militare 3, TO 10124

The installation has been created with the support of:
Creative-Cables Torino
Vi.Ma Sas

ANTROPO-AMORFO is an audiovisual project by Corgiat and Akasha that moves between abstractions and real forms. Human figures emerge from primordial blobs and intertwine, losing their configuration between iridescent materials, soft glows and ancestral sounds.

In the dynamic transformation of form and sound, the installation aims to guide the public towards an erratic movement of change of perspective. Once the boundaries of form and substance have been overcome, the viewer will feel immersed in an amorphous state, a unique condition in nature halfway between liquid and solid, where he can let himself go to the contemplation of the intangible, lulled by sound waves and iridescent reflections.

Liquida Photofestival wants to be a reference to return, as much as possible, the state of photographic research in its various forms of expression and the state of the image at the precise moment of its manifestation, trying to give voice to the new talents of photography contemporary, not only from the point of view of authorial production, but also of photographic reflection, involving professionals who today begin their journey in this constantly evolving cosmos. Artistic direction by Laura Tota.

Author biography

Riccardo “Akasha” Franco-Loiri is a visual artist born in Turin in 1995. Specialized in Audiovisual Production at the High School of Music Perfection in Saluzzo and in Motion Graphic & CGI at iMasterArt, since 2015 he has been carrying out his research on the relationships between light and pixels intertwining glitch and post-internet aesthetics in order to bring their own vision of digital illusionism. He elaborates techniques related to videomapping, real-time digital performance, 3D Scan and VR that he uses in his projects and commissions with the aim of breaking down the boundaries between software and lived reality. He has worked and designed videos, stages, shows and videoscenographies for national and international musical artists such as Boston 168, Eluize, Zion Train, Eugenio in Via di Gioia, Pvris, Tamburi Neri. He is the visual director of Cubo Teatro and founder of the multimedia collective High Files specializing in architectural 3D mapping with which he received several international awards on videomapping and theatrical productions.

The Italian composer and experimental electronic music producer Corgiat, aka Giovanni Mecio, participated and won Jagermusic Lab 2019 in Berlin as one of the best emerging producers in Italy. Born in 1995, he specialized in Electroacoustic Music Composition at the Turin Conservatory, after years of studying classical and jazz piano. The artist has already performed for several festivals known as Movement, Robot and Seeyousound festival, gaining his now wide recognition for his refined speculation on the perception of sound and its relationship with human nature.