William Cobbing

Online exhibition

26 March — 30 June 2020

Opening 27 March, 3:30 pm


During the period of isolation, Recontemporary presents the work of London artist William Cobbing with an exhibition that takes place on the Club’s Instagram page.
William Cobbing transports us into a reality made of hugs, gestures, silences and impossibility. Today, more than ever, his work is a starting point to reflect, think and see a condition that is becoming more and more matter. A few seconds of videos that, like mud, penetrate our breath, bind us, deprive us of identity, put us in contact with the soul and with the other. The idea was born on the occasion of the THINKING OVER project in collaboration with OTTN Projects, with the aim of recreating, through the use of neutral spaces (gray or white), a different rhythm, which gives time to reflect and assimilate what has been seen.

A path that brings us back to the right step in a period of excess engulfment of online content. Participation is therefore punctuated by the presence of white walls, as a reminder
of the visual experience that in reality accompanies the viewer’s gaze on display.

The link to access the exhibition:

Author biography

William Cobbing was born in 1974 in London, where he lives and works. He holds a bachelor’s degree in sculpture from Central Saint Martins College in London, and continued his studies at De Ateliers, the independent arts institute in Amsterdam. William’s works include media, sculptures, installations, performances and video. Create comic scenarios in which people are imprisoned in the surrounding architecture, or buried under layers of earth or clay. His works bring back to the idea of ​​entropy, blurring the boundaries between body and landscape.
Imprints texts and images on the surface of the ceramics; from the words marked in the wet clay and later erased, to the imprints of images found and transformed through shiny veils.