Seven Gravity Collection

Recontemporary / Salotto

4 September — 28 September 2024

4 September, 6 – 9 pm
free entry

25 September, 7 pm
free entry

We are very happy to present the collective exhibition in collaboration with the Seven Gravity collection. The exhibition will be held within the Recontemporary spaces, in Via Gaudenzio Ferrari 12/b in Turin, from 4 to 28 September 2024, and will include works by different artists from the collection.

Some of the artists exhibited:
– Rebecca Digne⁣
– Helen Anna Flanagan⁣
– Ali Kazma⁣
– Driant Zeneli

Partner info

Between collecting and patronage lies the Seven Gravity Collection, a collection of a group of collectors dedicated to video art, an ambitious cultural project which, born in 2013, is a work-in-progress, with unique characteristics not only for the collected works but for the method of choice, conducted according to collegial criteria. Reported by Artribune as the best collectors of 2020, they founded the Seven Gravity Collection project and remain strictly anonymous, leaving only three of the identities who are part of it the role of testimonial of the project. We interviewed them exclusively for the readers of Robb Report Italia.

Let’s see who the founders of this collection are. Among them Diego Bergamaschi, operator in the banking world and collector of contemporary art for over fifteen years. As a member of the Promoting Committee of the Italian Forum of Contemporary Art, and of the ArtVerona Steering Committee, Diego holds some institutional roles in contemporary art. Next to him is Giuseppe Casarotto, company executive engineer, president of Club GAMeC, a cultural association supporting GAMeC Galleria d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea di Bergamo, and creator of the annual Club GAMeC Prize. The third is Cristian Berselli, an operator in the banking and financial world, who has declared himself a collector of contemporary art since 1999. With them we chatted about the characteristics of video art which, in the context of contemporary art, is an object of desire for many, but Conti fatti is collected by few: the works, often of a museum nature, imply very complex methods of installation in space if they enter private homes from museums; furthermore, some video productions that rival cinema blockbusters, such as the works of Doug Aitken, involve very high production costs.
But the panorama of artists and works is very vast and we discussed with the collectors of Seven Gravity that the cases are different and the culture on the medium helps a lot. The seven members of the group, in fact, did not let themselves be intimidated by the complexity of the medium. They founded the collection in 2013, collecting the works of some “stars” of international video art such as Ali Kazma, Keren Cytter, Cally Spooner, Trisha Braga, alongside the works of promising debut artists such as Alice dos Reis, Basir Mahmood and Helen Anna Flanagan . A fortunate case is the meeting with Leonardo Bigazzi, curator of the Florentine festival dedicated to video art, “Lo scuola dell’arte” and curator in Beatrice Bulgari’s In Between Art Films Foundation. Leonardo immediately understood the potential of the collectors’ collective and built a long-term collaboration with the festival.

The Seven Gravity collection is called upon every year to acquire the work of an artist under 35 who participates in the VISIO workshop section: this implies that, within a selection of twelve deserving artists, it is called upon to choose a work that enters to be part of the collection. The partnership allows the members of the group to observe the panorama of European video art from a privileged point of view: in six years of activity, the collectors of Seven Gravity can view the works of over seventy artists from the best art schools around the world, and anticipate, as in the case of Basir Mahmood’s video then taken from a Dutch museum, the purchases of the major European museum institutions. From 2019 onwards, the intuition of its members leads to a natural shift from the purchase of ready-made video works to the ongoing production of works.