REC PRIZE | Emma Scarafiotti — Diorami

Recontemporary / Salotto

3 July — 3 August 2024

Opening 3 July, 12:00 am


3.07, 11.00 am — 1.00pm
at Recontemporary

3.07, 6.00 — 9.00pm
at Recontemporary

We are super happy to host Diorami, the first personal video exhibition by Emma Scarafiotti, winner of the very first edition of the Rec Award 🔴

The exhibition consists of 5 videos that summarize the facets of Emma’s artistic practice: a choreographed and theatrical practice that is positioned between fiction and reality.

An intimate narrative, a simulation that starts from reality with a documentary approach to arrive at an imaginary described by his gaze, by his thoughts. Architectures of memory and traces of life constitute a scenario that gives new perspectives to marginalized creatures.

Exhibited art pieces

Author biography

Emma Scarafiotti (born 1996) is a mixed media artist, in her practice she works across the intersection between art film, photography and performance. Initially a photographer and performer, she later found in audiovisual art practice her most complete form of expression. After graduating with Honors in Design & Art Direction at the London College of Communication, she then obtained a Master’s degree in “New Technologies for the Visual Arts”.
In her work, she studies and investigates the potential of a new-coming body and intersections between species. How human’s tradition and ritual activities intertwined with speculative futuristic narratives. She is interested in creating stories that layered a documentary scientific approach with a more fictional theatrical narrative, often marrying analog tools with new technologies.
Her subjects are mainly “outsiders”, disenchanted individuals that belong to the marginal side of society.
Her works have been exhibited at Careof Milano, REA Fair, ENNOVA museum ( Langfang China ), Recontemporary (Torino).
Some of her short films have been selected for national and international experimental video festivals, such as PANORAMICA23 (visual container), Thunderdance film festival UK, Cinedans, Amsterdam,(2018), Ortigia Film Festival (2022), and Toronto Experimental Dance and Music Festival (2022).