Molecule – -22.7°C

Recontemporary / Lounge

17 February — 27 June 2020

Opening 16 February, 6:00 pm


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– 22.7 ° is a multimedia project set in the extraordinary landscapes of Greenland that arises from the combination of the most current cinematographic technologies and the audiovisual experimentation of the French artist and composer Molécule. On the occasion of the 6th edition of the Seeyousound Festival</a>, Recontemporary presents for the first time in Italy the two most significant works, the documentary and the VR (virtual reality) experience, in an exhibition open until June 27th.

Through the journey of exploration in the polar regions, the artist wants to reconnect man to Nature, guiding the viewer in an immersive and interactive experience in the North Pole. Images and music are the subjects of the documentary and virtual reality, in which the sound of an iceberg crunching or the sled dog howling in the distance, become evidence of a fragile and majestic world. What is created is a dialogue between an external dimension, to discover the grandeur and dangers of Nature, and an internal one, in which each spectator is free to explore the Arctic landscape in an emotional and personal journey.

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Since the first editions, Seeyousound has proved to be a dynamic reality that in a few years has been able to carve out a prominent role in the city and national cultural panorama, also creating collaborations with European partners, but above all it has won the attention of the public and professionals. , thanks to the quality of the proposals brought to the hall and an interdisciplinary approach, Seeyousound has managed to impose its voice among national festivals, becoming recognizable and recognized for music and cinema lovers. In 2018 Seeyousound exports the festival format, in a reduced version, to Milan, Bologna, Florence, Palermo and Lecce, with the aim of creating a cultural factory with continuous and diversified activities throughout the year. On an international level, Seeyousound is one of the founding members of MFFN, Music Film Festival Network, made up of 10 member festivals from different European countries, created to create synergies and exchanges of good practices.

Author biography

Molecule is an unusual musician, sometimes considered a UFO in the music scene. He considers music as a way to live his life through adventures in which he faces life and creating extreme conditions. In 2013 he embarked on an industrial fishing boat, with his home studio, to compose music as close as possible to the storm. Result: the album 60 ° 43 ‘North composed in situ in five weeks without stopping, in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean. With this album, Molecule has started a new creative process, composing with the industrial sounds of a fishing boat at sea (the engine, the cables, the hull against the waves …) and those of the open sea (the wave motion, the wind, the undertow …).
In February 2017, Molecule goes to Greenland to dial -22.7 ° C from the sounds of the polar universe he recorded there.