Marta Caproni — FUMISTERÌE

Recontemporary / Salotto

17 April — 20 April 2024

Opening 17 April, 6:00 pm


17 April, 6 – 9 pm
at Recontemporary

Within the framework of Kissinkemmer, the second edition of the TO.BE grant dedicated to the professional growth of emerging artists from the Albertina Academy of Fine Arts in Turin, Recontemporary presents Fumisterìe, an exhibition by Marta Caproni.

The exhibition proposal curated by Ghёddo is part of a broader program of exhibitions that involve collaboration between artists and contemporary art spaces in Turin. The entire project is carried out with the sponsorship of the Albertina Academy of Fine Arts in Turin and the City of Turin, with the support of the Venesio Foundation.

Fumisterìe is an exhibition-event conceived by Marta Caproni for the Recontemporary space curated by Ghёddo.

Fumisterìe is a jest, a sleight of hand, a fire that bursts, sparkles, and fades away.

Conceived as a fantastic escape from reality, Marta Caproni’s project leads us into the realm of untamed and mysterious desire, where the unconscious, dream, and legend meet and blur with one another.

The exhibition project presents the two lines of inquiry that have led the artist over the past year to reflect on the imaginative power of folklore and the generative interpenetration between anthropic and natural landscapes. These parallel paths converge in the language of fantastic storytelling, which, with its power, is capable of nourishing the magic of everyday life, granting impossible wishes, and exorcising fears.

In the space of Recontemporary, two multimedia works combine performance, sculpture, and video.

Partner info

Ghëddo is a collective of curators based in Turin, established in 2021 with the aim of creating a dynamic network among artists, galleries, and independent spaces in the area. Their goal is to foster cooperative experiences to build strong connections and generate dynamics of human, ethical, and artistic exchange. Ghëddo consists of Olga Cantini, Rachele Fassari, Davide Nicastro, Marta Saccani, and Barbara Ruperti.

Author biography

Marta Caproni (born in Orbetello in 1996) graduated in sculpture from the Albertina Academy and currently lives and works in Turin. In her artistic practice, she integrates anthropic and natural elements, working across various media to transport an imaginative, sometimes fairy-tale reality into the collective consciousness, creating small escapes from the rational.
In 2023, she participated in the “Arcadia” residency during the Conca Film Festival. Among her exhibitions in the same year were “Margini” at the Alle Ortiche festival in Genoa and “Corneraholic 2” during Bologna Arte City. In 2022, following the Casa Walser residency, she took part in the cycle of itinerant exhibitions for the Second Life competition, held at the Pecci Center in Prato and Palazzo Vecchio in Florence.