Gianfranco Maranto — INTERSPAZIO: la distanza minima

Recontemporary / Salotto

21 September — 15 October 2022

Opening 21 September, 6:00 pm


Wednesday 21st September, h. 6 – 9pm
Cocktail by Sciarada and Gianfranco Maranto

IMPORTANT NOTICE: the exhibition contains sequences of images and flashing light effects which could disturb people potentially predisposed to photosensitive epilepsy or other forms of photosensitivity.

The site-specific intervention by the artist Gianfranco Maranto for Recontemporary manifests the will to interact with the user and dialogue with the exhibition space, redefining and modifying it. The goal is to guide the observer’s gaze towards new perspective visions, which go beyond simple sensitive data to encroach on another, immaterial dimension. The motivations behind his research express the desire to investigate what is not yet known and make visible what the human eye is not able, by its nature, to perceive or distinguish. Through the visionary capacity of art, it therefore becomes possible to imagine and represent those mechanisms and physical forces that govern the internal structure of things. Thanks to the use of Paint, one of the first digital graphics programs popular with the general public, Maranto designed simple geometric shapes; more than three thousand paintings which, mounted in succession, with the stop-motion technique, create the illusion of movement and allow any suggestion to be induced on the screen format. The light takes shape through a visual-spatial rhythm and suggests a musicality without the didactic use of sound, which would compromise its meaning, giving life to a non-verbal, universal alphabet. Absolute silence, on the other hand, does not belong to life, rather to the abstract world.

Arrangiamento, 2022 – 5:20 sec
The term “arrangement” refers to the idea of ​​a musical composition and at the same time suggests the methods of “doing with little”, or the art of getting by. In the musical field, it is putting together by adapting the composition to the instruments used, just as getting by in everyday life means adapting with what is available.

Attraverso, 2022 – 5:31 sec.
The work is inspired by the vision of the filaments (floaters or floaters, in common parlance) that are found in front of the visual field when very close to the retina. Signs floating in space, which acquire color gradually. The work emphasizes the action of seeing and the ocular system: it arises from the memory and amazement that arises when, in front of a light source, one discovers, for the first time, the existence of these foreign bodies.

Intervallo, 2017 – 2022 – 5:53 sec
A series of works ranging from the first experiments to the latest video processing. The television screen becomes the display from which to observe a geometric atlas, an abstract geography; an interval that divides the space through a pause, placing a reflection on what is the practice and research of language.

Author biography

GIANFRANCO MARANTO (Petralia Sottana, 1983) graduated in Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Palermo. He currently lives and works between Palermo and Turin.
Preferring various types of adhesive tape, paper, tetrapack, ceramic, wood and aluminum as materials of his research, investigating their visual and material properties, the artist reflects on the concept of structure, architectural and luminous. In his works the geometric synthesis meets the precision and cleanliness of the sign, in a constant reflection on the time of pictorial making and on the dialogue that arises between the work and the environment with which it relates. Recently he has also been working with video and has chosen to use very dated programs, such as Paint for example, to actually obtain sophisticated results that give life to synesthetic situations.