Fortuna De Nardo and Lorenzo Peluffo — Floràlia

Recontemporary / Lounge

11 January — 4 February 2023

Opening 11 January, 6:00 pm


On the occasion of the first edition of the call TO.BE dedicated to emerging artists, Ghёddo and Recontemporary associations present Floràlia, a solo exhibition by Fortuna De Nardo and Lorenzo Peluffo.
The exhibition, curated by the Ghёddo association, is hosted in Recontemporary (via Gaudenzio Ferrari, 12) and created with the support of the Accademia Albertina, the Giuseppe Verdi Conservatory and with the support of the Venesio Foundation.

Floràlia – a title inspired by the ‘floral games’ celebrated in ancient Rome in honor of the goddess Flora – is a project specially designed for Recontemporary.
Conceived as a corollary of an aesthetic and ethnographic investigation on the theme of the votive shrine, the project is articulated as a single multimedia installation.
The non-denominational liturgy broken down into its symbolic and ritual grammar is summarized here in primary elements. Fire, icon and ex voto are abstracted and reformulated in the form of light and digital image. To these is added, in a polyphony of voices, sound. Floràlia is a new work, an investigation into the themes of ritual, suspension and abandonment.

Photo credits: Marco Farmalli

Partner info

Ghëddo is a cultural association active in Turin since 2021 with the aim of organizing cultural projects to enhance and promote young emerging art. The association aims to create a dynamic network between artists, galleries and independent spaces in the area, promoting cooperation experiences in order to build a supportive bond and generate dynamics of human, ethical and artistic exchange. Ghëddo is: Stefania Balocco, Francesca Bernardi, Olga Cantini, Chiara Cosentino, Rachele Fassari, Davide Nicastro, Barbara Ruperti.

Author biography

Fortuna De Nardo [1996], multidisciplinary artist, lives and works in Turin. Her means of expression are mainly photography and video art.
Intimate, delicate and flower lover. She usually hides inside her photographs.

Lorenzo Peluffo [1986] works mostly with video and sound material and has released several tapes with various independent labels.
He is the author of a radio format broadcast on Fango Radio, a web platform that operates as a center for research, production and musical education.