Elena Bellantoni, Eleonora Roaro, Fabio Perino – IN – FINITO

IIC Madrid

8 October — 15 October 2022

Opening 8 October, 12:00 am


On the occasion of the Contemporary Day, the great event promoted by AMACI – Association of Italian Contemporary Art Museums and realized with the support of the General Direction for Contemporary Creativity of the Ministry of Culture, and the collaboration of the General Direction for Public and Cultural Diplomacy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, the Italian Cultural Institute of Madrid presents IN — FINITO.

The exhibition, created in collaboration with Recontemporary, the first institution in Italy dedicated to video art and new media, aims to highlight the complex relationship that binds humanity and nature thanks to the work of three Italian artists: Elena Bellantoni, Fabio Perino and Eleonora Roaro.

Three artists. Three different points of view. Water as a common denominator: a place where the confrontation between humanity and its actions takes place. The sea, which has always been of change, a shaping material that creates and destroys, becomes here the means for the spread of a broader message, an ambassador of denunciation and the will for change. Elena Bellantoni uses the water of Tricase (Puglia) as a clear canvas, a space on which to compose a message. “Corpo Morto” is a performative act, a reference to the imminent embodiment of the seas and to the lost: water that welcomes and submerges. The same nature that becomes the creation of humanity in the works “Filling the Sea and empting the Sea” by Fabio Perino. The works see the artist intent on the action of and compiling emptying the sea, a senseless and surreal gesture that represents the incoherence that binds human beings. Omnipotence, selfishness and myopia, typical characteristics of today’s society, are contrasted with the innate predisposition of man to want to improve: the precarious balance in which society is forced to live. The Great Salt Lake of Utah, immortalized in Eleonora Roaro’s “Vanishing Point“, represents one of the consequences extremes of humanity: desertification. In a place where a few miles from the Spiral Jetty they tried to extract oil for years, water slowly gives way to sand. The pink of the landscape caused by the salt and the artist walking, mark not only the rhythm of time, but also of the ongoing process: nature that persists incessantly in its course.

A current selection for a long time reflecting on the nature of the problems but also on the persistence of nature.

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