LOOP Barcelona – Becoming Future

Recontemporary / Salotto

4 December — 31 January 2020

Opening 4 December, 6:30 pm


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On December 4, 2019, Becoming Future opened, a collective exhibition featuring award-winning video artists from Loop Barcelona, the video art festival in the Catalan metropolis. Presented by Recontemporary, five video works delve into the contemporary world and various ideas of the future, exploring possible and dystopian scenarios, reclaimed and imaginary cities, violence, digital precarity, superintelligence, and new communities.

Becoming Future comprises five works, all of which were finalists for the Loop Discover award, open to artists from around the world. In the exhibition in Turin, you’ll find the winners from 2018 and 2019, along with a selection of videos from the finalist works of the past two editions.

“Operation Jane Walk” by Austrian artists Leonhardt Müllner and Robin Klenger, which reimagines military operations from the popular video game “Tom Clancy’s” on the streets of Midtown Manhattan, and “The Lives Beneath,” in which German artists Bianca Kennedy and the Swan Collective envision life in the year 4000, are the video works that received the Loop Discover award in 2019 and 2018, respectively. Addressing climate urgency and the effects of China’s hyper-development, Florencia Levy’s video work “Fossil Place” takes center stage, while artists Tisaganos and Bisai, with “Neromanna,” narrate the story of a Greek city expropriated and subsequently submerged by its own lake. Eugenia Lim’s “On Demand” serves as a critique of labor precarity in the 21st century, viewed from the perspectives of both gig economy workers and artists.

Exhibited art pieces