Aurora Paolillo — IMPERMANENZA

Recontemporary / Accademia Albertina

5 April — 7 April 2024

Accademia Albertina di Belle Arti
Book presentation “Gesti Solidi” curated by Giuseppe Arnesano
Fri. 5 April 2024 / ore 6,00 – 8,00 PM
Exhibition (free entry)
Fri. 5 April 2024 / 10.30am – 7.30 pm
Sat. 6 April 2024 / 3.30 – 7.30 pm
Sun. 7 April 2024 / 3.30 – 7.30 pm


“Nothing remains, nothing is free from perpetual change.
I am dead, what can I do?
From the Tibetan Book of the Dead

“I have thought about a work that is in continuous transformation and that is created over an entire lifetime, as if it were the synthesis of all the experiments carried out by the artist.

I have thought about a work entirely made up of these attempts, sketches, which are nothing but the representation of the interrupted instant, followed by another instant and then another instant again, and so on, in a constant material growth. This work remains there, in a corner, and year after year, it is created, slowly like the rhythm of time that I can dedicate to art.”

Aurora Paolillo

Author biography

Aurora Paolillo (1990-2023) was born in Turin. She graduated from the Albertina Academy of Fine Arts in Turin in Design and pursued her specialization in Art Graphics at the same academy. Her work focused particularly on themes related to nature, memory, and the relationship with objects and places of her memories. Her artistic practice encompassed various mediums including fine printmaking, photography, and installation.
During her career, she participated in several residencies such as La Wayaka Current – Desert in Chile in 2018 and at the Glasgow Sculpture Studios in Scotland. She received awards including a special mention for the exhibition project in Autofocus 7 curated by Olga Gambari, recognition from the jury in Premio Combat with her work featured in the catalog, and finalist in Artefatto Reset at Palazzo Gopcevich in Trieste in 2013, among others.
Her exhibitions included both solo and group shows such as Mirror Project #7 – Sensible Objects. The Art of Bonds curated by Clara Madaro at Associazione Barriera in Turin, 339km A/R, a dual exhibition with Irina Novarese curated by Marianna Orlotti at Mapping Contemporary Art Space in Rovereto, Tracce, a dual exhibition with Lucia Pizzinato at Zimmerfrei in Trieste, and participation in events like the Biennale Giovani di Monza curated by Anna Bernardini, Fabio Cavallucci, Ilaria Bignotti, Claudio Cerritelli, Elio Grazioli at Palazzo dell’Arengario in Monza.