Ikigai Media – A capa Ca S’arap

Recontemporary / Lounge

9 June — 2 July 2021

Opening 9 June, 6:00 pm


9.06.2021 | h. 6 – 9 pm

Opening hours to the public
wed. → h. 3 – 6 pm
thur. / fri. → h. 3 – 8 pm

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Recontemporary in collaboration with IKIGAI Media presents: A capa Ca S’arap – a short film by Ikigai Media.

A comparison, a war, the irremediable research for peace: each of us knows it and hides it, inside our heads, continuously.
Nicola, Fabio and Dario, three streams of conscience that without premises or any indication come together in a hasty, thoughtful, affectionate and in some parts angry monologue, but undoubtedly sincere and transparent.
The mission of the images accompanying the text is to eradicate the canonical possibilities, starting from scratch trying not to be distracted by the mass of visual stimuli, trends and avant-gardes with which we are daily surrounded.
A series of scenarios match with the flow of moods of the text, through light, color, smoke, expressions, glass, sound: an inner story that speaks for a few seconds. Aloud.

Partner info

IKIGAI MEDIA was born in 2016, thanks to an idea of Nicola Martini and Fabio Russo, both art-directors with several years of experience in communications and advertising agencies. In its first three years IKIGAI MEDIA has been a collective of creative freelancers. That formula has helped us to create our current mission: to provide the services of an agency with the flexibility of a freelancer. In 2019 the collective became a firm – an agency specialized in branding, art-direction and videomaking.