William Cobbing

During the period of isolation, Recontemporary presents the work of London artist William Cobbing with an exhibition that takes place on the Club’s Instagram page. William Cobbing transports us into a reality made of hugs, gestures, silences and impossibilities. Today, more than ever, his work is an opportunity to reflect, think and see a condition that is increasingly becoming matter. A few seconds of video which, like mud, penetrate our breath, bind us, deprive us of identity, put us in contact with the soul and with each other. The idea was born on the occasion of the THINKING OVER project in collaboration with OTTN Projects, with the aim of recreating, through the use of neutral spaces (gray or white), a different rhythm, which gives time to reflect and assimilate what has been seen.


Apr 26 2020 - Apr 30 2020


15:30 - 19:30

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