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After the success of the last edition entitled VIDEOFLOW, Recontemporary proposes again the Wednesday evening aperitifs, in collaboration with Seeyousound, this year under the name of SHORTCUT. SHORTCUT is a review of three appointments dedicated to experimental short films and video clips. Images, music and sound-design intertwine on the walls of Recontemporary, creating sensory and aesthetic journeys that deviate from the canons of traditional narration, exploring the art of the audiovisual outside the boundaries of genre. A journey into the contaminations that forge the transmedia and artistic imagery of the contemporary, regenerated by two pop modules (the video clip, the short film) which, in the current panorama, are among the most fluid, heretical, immediate and willing to happily undermine the formal conventions. Starting from June 16th, every Wednesday evening of the month, go to Recontemporary to discover the short films, savoring the fresh blends based on Diplomatico prepared by the skilled hands of Sciarada! 🍹


Jun 16 2021


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