re – Flow VR

The transmedia choreographic work, re – FLOW, explores the body in a state of emergency and its correlation with new technologies. A way to take part in a game that involves the choreographer, the designers, new technologies and the public at various levels. A path that invites the public to explore the choreography, first deconstructed and then recomposed through different mediums in immersive environments and synthetic soundscapes created in 3D, through two multimedia stages within which the viewer is free to interact with the materials, the proposed languages ​​and techniques: re-FLOW VR and re-FLOW Portraits. re-FLOW VR, on display at Recontemporary, is the original work that continues the path of the 2019 long-lasting performance through a participatory experience in virtual reality, VR precisely, for three viewers at a time, which uses Oculus Quest technology 2.


Jul 08 2021 - Aug 27 2021


15:00 - 19:30


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