Gianluca Iadema – Exhibition

Gianluca Iadema is an Italian pianist, composer and audiovisual artist, focused on the exploration of digital and analog imperfection connected to the concept of materiality and immateriality. His research has led him to explore an artistic typology that takes into consideration all its expressions, from music to architecture, from video to sculpture. He obtained his master’s degree with honors in classical piano in 2016 at the Luca Marenzio Conservatory in Brescia (Italy), under the guidance of the pianists Maurizio Zana and Giampaolo Stuani, taking part in various masterclasses with the French pianist Cyprien Katsaris. At the same time he began the study of instrumental composition with the composer Giancarlo Facchinetti. In 2020, he graduated with honors in Computer Music under the guidance of the composer and audiovisual artist Marko Ciciliani at the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz. Also at the same university he is currently finishing his studies in instrumental composition with the composer Richard Dünser. In 2014, he received a scholarship as one of the best students at the Conservatory of Brescia and, again in 2014, he attended the Ferienkurse für Neue Musik in Darmstadt, where he discovers his interest in contemporary music and experimental electronic music. In 2018, he participated in the realization of the music for the opera 1918EINEERHEBUNG, premiered in Deutschlandsberg (Austria), conceived by the Viennese director Hans Hoffer. In September 2019, he released his first audiovisual album entitled Aphàiresis for the German label Mille Plateaux, while he began a close collaboration with the Swiss singer Franziska Baumann, culminating in the creation of a series of compositions for voice and electronics entitled Noyaux. In November 2019, he was nominated composer in residence for the Italian ensemble Dedalo, while in 2020 he was awarded with the prestigious Giulio and Giulio Bruno Togni prize, for his talent and promising career. Also in 2020, his composition Wirbel won first prize at the International Composition Competition Franz Schubert and Modern Music (Graz, Austria). In June 2020 his composition Interinati silenzi was included in a CD dedicated to contemporary piano music, alongside compositions by Richard Dünser and Christoph Renhart, played by the Viennese pianist Doris Adam, and published by the record label VMS. Also in 2020, he was commissioned by the Wien Modern festival to write a one hour piece for piano, electronics and video. Iadema has participated in numerous masterclasses of composition with: Curtis Roads, Reiko Yamada, John Richards, Mauro Montalbetti, Kirsten Reese, and Darien Brito. He performed, or his composition where perform in many festivals all across Europe and Asia.


Mar 16 2022 - May 28 2022


15:30 - 19:30
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