Elena Bellantoni – Immaginazioni

Recontemporary presents the artist Elena Bellantoni, for the first time in Turin, with an exhibition that develops through the narration of the most emblematic and significant works of her practice. The artist’s research focuses on the relationship with the other, on the concept of identity and otherness in which the ego is immersed and continuously defines itself. The intent is to participate in the dialogue that the artist implements through her video narrations and her performative actions, in a historical moment in which the relational dimension is increasingly compromised. Elena Bellantoni chooses to “speak by de-writing the ‘Other’, to put one’s “imaginations” into play, one’s body to open up new possible horizons. Four videos, an audio installation and a performance make up the exhibition itinerary which addresses some complex themes of our contemporaneity with a poetic-political gaze.


Sep 30 2020 - Feb 20 2021


15:30 - 19:30

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