REC School

An adventure to discover Contemporary Art.

The Recontemporary educational workshops are aimed at first and second grade secondary school students, born with the aim of educating boys and girls in another way of interpreting and using digital technologies, showing the cultural and artistic potential of the media that characterize our daily life.

We believe in the value of contemporary art education, as a tool to rethink the present time and open up new perspectives on the future, as an opportunity to meet and promote active participation and social inclusion.

Rec School is multidisciplinary
The path of approach to contemporary art is not limited to the analysis of the works on display, but opens links with other subjects to encourage male and female students to refine their critical skills and individual thinking.

Rec School is renewed every year
Each year teachers and students can choose to participate in new teaching activities. The program of workshops changes with the current exhibitions to tell multiple aspects of the world in which we live through contemporary art.

Rec School is digital
All educational workshops are designed to be carried out face-to-face or remotely.

Rec School speaks English
The educational laboratories are held in Italian and English.