Beyond borders: art accessible to all!

As part of the program of activities La Bella Stagione 2024 – a program of experiences in the city, Recontemporary offers a two-day workshop, intended for girls and boys between 11 and 13 years of age from the Summer Children’s Centers of the Municipality of Turin – ITER, to the Salesian and diocesan Oratories and to the local associations also involved with the Sam does not go on holiday, on the topic of accessibility in the museum field.

The laboratory will be a unique opportunity to explore the challenges and solutions related to accessibility in a creative way, creating the audio description of the video work displayed in the exhibition together with Professor Chiara Pennetta, an expert in accessibility of communication and cultural contents . Starting from introductory activities that help children become aware of barriers and privileges, the focus will shift to the accessibility of works of art and exhibition spaces, in line with the principles of Universal Design and the guidelines dictated by the UN Convention for the rights of people with disabilities. Focusing specifically on producing an easy to read and understand paratext and audio description, children will challenge themselves to try to change their point of view through a practical and interactive approach. The description will then be made available to visitors to the exhibition through a QR code placed next to the work.

Bella Stagione 2024 is an initiative of the Compagnia di San Paolo Foundation, in collaboration with the Xké? Consortium. ZeroTredici and with the Museum Subscription Association.

When: 4/5 July, 10/12.30 am
Where: Via Gaudenzio Ferrario 12b, Turin